Reaching the lab.

(In Portuguese.)

The formal methods, artificial intelligence and logic research Lab. (FR∀M∃ Lab.) is hosted by Instituto de Computação (IC, acronym in Portuguese for Computing Institute) from Universidade Federal Fluminense (IC/UFF). IC is located at Campus Praia Vermelha, in Niterói.

By car

Leaving the Rio-Niterói bridge (first exit to your right) follow the sea side. Right after Forte do Gragoatá, and a turn to your left, you will see UFF parking lot.

By Bus

There are several bus lines available:

  • 750D/751D (Gávea - Charitas) leaves PUC bus terminal every 20min (1h trip). Drop the bus at Faculdade de Direito (UFF Law school). The driver should be able to hep you and tell you when to leave the bus. Follow to your right. Praia Vermelha campus is two blocks away.
  • 775D (Gávea - Charitas, via Lapa) Same instructions. (ETA 1:30h after departure.)
  • 1750D (Gávea - Charitas) Same instructions. (ETA 1h.)
  • 1775D (Gávea - Charitas) Same instructions. (ETA 1:30 h.)
  • 2750D (Gávea - Charitas) Same instructions. (ETA 1h .)
  • 740D (Copacabana - Charitas) departs from Rua Francisco Otaviano every 20min (ETA 1h).

All ETA assume a trip starting at 7:30 am.

By ferry

The ferry boat (barcas, in Portuguese) departs from Praça XV every 20 mi. (ETA of aprox. 16' to 20' after departure, depending on the boat you take.)

  • Take Bus #74 at Av. Rio Branco bus stop. (Keep with the flow and cross the first lane. ETA of 8 min after departure.) You should drop the bus in front of Praia vermelha bus stop.
  • or walk to IC: is a 25' walk. Departing at Av. Rio Branco you should walk to Av. Passo da Pátria. On the way you will see the Valonguinho UFF Campus and Praça da Cantareira.